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GPS-Live is a subsidarary of High Point Communications and an independant sales and marketing company that provides GPS tracking services at wholesale rates.
By tracking your assets today, you will save money everyday.
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Our Products are truly our Service. The actual hardware that we use depends on the assets you need to track. Most of our GPS units utilize the GMSR and GPRS technologies and use existing PCS/Cellular networks to pass data from your asset to the Internet and our servers. For assets that are not typically located in areas with this type of coverage, we use satellites for the information data. Obviously, there are additional costs involved when we use satellite, but let us show you how we can make it cost effective and ultimately save you money.

Remember, any investment you consider for your business must be measured by the Return On Investment (ROI). All of our customer have realized savings before the end of the second month of service and continued savings thereafter.
Contact Us - If you want to track your vehicles or assets.

Contact Us - If you want to have more control of your driver's time and efficiency.

Contact us - If you need to know where a vehicle or asset is at any given time.

Contact Us - If dispatching the closes service vehicle makes sense to you.

Contact Us - If you believe your trucks are not following their route as you perceive they should.

Contact Us - If you want to reduce speeding tickets and obtain insurance discounts.
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